Thursday, May 26, 2022


Lots of stuff getting moved around here. 

Me, for one, from the apartment back to the house. 

Everything in the apartment (there's not much, really. I'm reasonably minimalist).

A few things in the final edit of The Man You Trust.

In about a month, Eli 20.10 to Bogota. 

I'm a certainty person. I like it. I like having my person, and having that person with me, and I like knowing that the people who aren't with me are safe. I like knowing where I belong. I like knowing that tomorrow will be similar to today.

That's probably true of most people as they get older. 

With Eli, though, I've learned that the uncertainty in his life is important. He's constantly trying for almost unreachable goals, and this level of achievement carries with it an intrinsic degree of uncertainty. In a terrible metaphor, you can't climb a mountain at sea level. You have to go up into thin air.

Without his acceptance of uncertainty, his life wouldn't be possible.

So I'm trying to embrace a degree of uncertainty that I've never been able to before. Watching Eli, and seeing what he's done, helps me understand why it's necessary.

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