Wednesday, May 25, 2022


I grew up in South Texas, and our football team always seemed to be in the playoffs. 

On more than one occasion, we played a small school named Uvalde.

To a little kid, "Uvalde" seemed like such an exotic name. It stuck in my head. It always has. 

I always associated Uvalde with San Antonio, because (again) when I was a kid and we played Uvalde, people said it was near San Antonio. It's not, really--it's an hour and a half west--but it always stuck in my mind.

Living in Austin for 25 years, I still read a fair amount of South Texas news, and whenever Uvalde was mentioned, I always perked up. 

So when I saw Uvalde mentioned yesterday on the national news, and read the article, I was sick. 

If a politician is against gun control, fine, but they then have to have ideas about what gets done instead. if they don't, they're just full of shit, and monsters beside. It's not any more complicated than that.

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