Monday, August 01, 2022

Eli 21.0!

Well, I still remember him being a very little guy walking in his mother's shoes and looking delighted, but Eli is 21.0 now. 

We played golf on Friday. Walked 18 holes on Saturday. Played tennis this morning. My body will make it another couple of weeks until he goes back to school, then I'll have my multi-week injury recovery period. 

I meant to remember all the funny things we've said to each other, but this time, I just enjoyed all of it and didn't worry about remembering. We're just laughing all the time and enjoying the days with each other. 

Gloria always made the famous cupcake tower for his birthday, and we couldn't find the tower, but I did somehow manage to make cupcakes, and they turned out just fine:

The picture in no way conveys the actual drama behind their manufacture. I went to the store for "cupcake mix" and couldn't find any, not realizing (as a cupcake novice) that cupcakes are just cake in a different form factor. You just buy cake mix and put it into the appropriate cups. 

Eli almost broke a rib laughing about that. So did I. I was laughing so hard I could barely finish the story. 

I always felt lucky every day to be Eli's dad, and I still do. 

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