Wednesday, September 07, 2022


The Omicron booster has an EUA from the FDA (insert your additional acronyms here), so let's get boosters, everybody. 

I was able to easily get an appointment this time. I could have gone the first day they were available (today), but had a scheduling conflict, so I'm going at 9:30 tomorrow. 

I think many people just have COVID fatigue right now. They're sick of reading about it, sick of hearing about it, sick of taking any precautions. And I understand that, but improving your chances of living is a compelling reason to keep paying attention. Certainly, it's not like it was even last fall, because the hospitals aren't overflowing, but being willing to spend fifteen minutes to get a booster still seems like a good use of time.

Also, get used to hearing "mosaic-8": Fighting current and future coronaviruses with a single vaccine.

Also (also), this: Powerful New Antibody Neutralizes All Known COVID Variants

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