Thursday, May 25, 2023

Friday Links!

Leading off this, a typical Ars Technica obscurity deep drive: Your fave illustration of Franklin’s kite experiment is likely riddled with errors

This is tremendously fun: Tradle is like Wordle but for economics.

Maybe someday it will get released, because the trailer is fantastic: The funniest movie you've never seen.

From Wally, and this is amazing: Orcas have sunk 3 boats in Europe and appear to be teaching others to do the same. But why? Also: Orcas have learned how to kill great white sharks, to remove and eat their livers.

From C. Lee, and it's a fascinating story: How Stuart Little Uncovered an Avant-garde Masterpiece Missing for almost a Century. This is both remarkable and concerning: Scientists Can Now Pull Human DNA From Air and Water, Raising Privacy Questions. An excellent read: The U.S. Lost a (Fictional) War With Iran 18 Years Ago. Aldous Huxley was an optimist: Debt Collectors Want To Use AI Chatbots To Hustle People For Money. This is sickening: Undercover audio of a Tyson employee reveals “free-range” chicken is meaningless. Not indie games, which are mostly the ones worth playing now: Game installs of 100GB or larger have now become the standard. This is alarming: Drug Shortages Near an All-Time High, Leading to Rationing. This looks like an important read: Rigged Capitalism and the Rise of Pluto-populism: On Martin Wolf’s “The Crisis of Democratic Capitalism”

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