Tuesday, August 29, 2023

A Colorful Local Character

I saw this truck on my way back from downtown today:

If that photo is too small to read, please note "DOWN WITH THE THICKNESS" in the mid-right, along with a buxom silhouette), and a smaller sticker in the bottom right reading "You Just Lost the Game."

I understand that we all have physical preferences when it comes to women. What's interesting, though, is that there's apparently a class of men who feel the need to announce this preference on their vehicles. Perhaps this is a form of sexual advertising, not unlike a male peacock's tail fathers (a Fisherian Walkaway, if you will, which is my new favorite phrase).

The "You Just Lost the Game" sticker is also intriguing, but only if you don't Google the phrase. I did, unfortunately, and the explanation was far less interesting than the possibilities.

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