Thursday, September 14, 2023

Friday Links!

We're back on Monday, theoretically, but since I haven't had my laptop, who knows what's been happening while we were gone? I found some long, interesting reads before I left, though.

This is an excellent article with additional information on LLM's: How ChatGPT turned generative AI into an “anything tool”. As a random aside, I'd enjoy seeing someone compose an excuse note for school in the style of David Foster Wallace.

This is a fascinating read: Leveling Up Or Leveling Off? Understanding The Science Behind Skill Plateaus

This is a terrific article, and the site seems outstanding: Large Language Models will be Great for Censorship

It's remarkable how cynical and synthetic this all is: TripleS And The Rise Of K-Pop Girls’ Crypto-Capitalism

From C. Lee, and it seems like a growing market, for sure: Market for sun umbrellas for men increases as summer heats up. This really needs to be solved: California allows robo-taxis to expand and emergency responders aren't happy. Also: Cruise robotaxis blocked San Francisco traffic again as company blames network congestion. This is interesting technology: Can this battery-swapping electric scooter help clean up cities? We take a ride. I have no idea why some things are popular: ‘Vanishing ninja’ ice stick becomes hot commodity in U.S. bar market

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