Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Let's Talk About Bison

Not the headline you were expecting, probably.

Since I found out about my arterial blockage (still seemingly impossible, but true), I haven't eaten much red meat. I had a hamburger once that Eli made. I had pork in a dumpling in Tokyo. I had one hamburger taco in a restaurant.

That's been it for the last fifteen months. 

I eat chicken sometimes, and turkey (far less convenient), but I get most of my protein from yogurt and protein shakes (and it took a long time to find a protein shake low in saturated fat).

It's an ugly hodgepodge. Extremely effective, but ugly.

I miss hamburgers, and spaghetti with meat sauce, and tacos with meat in them. Basically, it's hamburger I miss, not steak, because I ate so much of it when I was a kid.

I stumbled on a bison meat sale at the local grocery store on Sunday and took a quick look at the nutritional label. 

My eyes lit up like a child in a holiday cartoon when they see Santa.

I knew bison meat was "healthy," but I had no idea how healthy. 4 oz. have only 1.5g of saturated fat, 55 mg of cholesterol, and 24g of protein.

Ground beef is roughly 7, 80, and 21 for the same quantity. That's a huge difference when I'm trying to keep saturated fat to under 10g a day. Plus, bison meat even has 50%+ less cholesterol than chicken (breast meat) and turkey.

I'm not really a "cooker," as you well know, but I decided to make a bison burger last night. And it was good! It had excellent flavor and texture, and I didn't notice the lack of fat (it's very lean meat) at all.

In many way, it's even healthier than plant-based meat because it's quite a bit lower in saturated fat. Just amazing, really.

Here's a picture of the burger:

Tonight it's Sloppy Joes, one of my favorite childhood comfort foods.

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