Thursday, March 28, 2024

Friday Links!

 From DQ Sled Dog Correspondent Meg McReynolds: Blowhole the Sled Dog Became a Social Media Star—But Was He a Criminal First?

From C, Lee, and it's not a good look: Honesty researcher committed research misconduct, according to newly unsealed Harvard report. No surprise: Here's Proof You Can Train An AI Model Without Slurping Copyrighted Content. This is amazing: CRISPR Gene Editing Eliminates HIV From Infected Cells. Uh-oh: Unpatchable vulnerability in Apple chip leaks secret encryption keys. A baffling story: A cougar attacked them. They fought back for 45 harrowing minutes. I don't disagree: END THE PHONE-BASED CHILDHOOD NOW. Very amusing: British Highschoolers try Trader Joe's for the first time! An excellent read: Why Prof. Ashoka Mody Believes India is Broken. Japan's most treasured dog: Rare photo shows loyal dog Hachiko in his last years. It's been 60+ years, and maybe it's time to get over it: Remember When the U.S. Secretly Built a Social Network to Destabilize Cuba?

From Wally, a bizarre and stupid lawsuit: The Weird Lawsuit Over Netflix's Enola Holmes, Explained. An interesting analysis: Can Russia Continue the War After 2024? OED update: The Oxford English Dictionary’s latest update adds 23 Japanese words. A terrific read: Now Arriving at J.F.K.: Horses From Iceland and Dogs From the West Bank

From DQ Fishing/Guitar Consultant David Gloier, an interesting read: This was village life in Britain 3,000 years ago

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