Tuesday, April 09, 2024

Almost 80 Days

World traveler 22.8 is having an interesting experience returning from Zambia.

First was an eight-hour bus trip to Lusaka that took over twelve hours because of several unexpected issues, including this one:

That's a derailed truck smack in the middle of the road.

After some free time this morning in Lusaka, he went to the airport (Lusaka-Nairobi-Paris) and found out he was on standby for the flight from Nairobi to Paris for no apparent reason. This required an extended discussion with every Kenyan Airlines official in the airport. Incredibly, after over an hour, a boarding pass was printed and the problem was resolved.

If you're keeping score, he's still two planes, one train (the Chunnel), and one bus from his home base. He did send me a lovely picture of himself with his new Zambian mom, and I'll post it if he gives me the okay.

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