Monday, April 08, 2024


I admit it: I've got eclipse fatigue. It hasn't even started yet.

Grand Rapids sees a 94% eclipse, and incredibly, it's sunny today, and 94% is fine. It would be cool to be in the middle of a total eclipse, but it's a three-hour drive (one way), at least, and probably a five-hour drive today. Plus Eli is in Zambia and C is on an airplane, and it would be much more fun sharing it with someone.

Still, though. 94%. Not bad. I'll take a walk around 2:40 and get to see the peak around 3:10. 

It's easy to think that events like this bring out the worst in Americans, and they do ($1,000 hotel rooms, conspiracy theories, etc.), but they also bring out the best in many people, and those moments never get enough attention.

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