Thursday, April 11, 2024

Friday Links!

The pictures are fascinating: Probably the world's worst amusement park - Beijing's Disney/Universal combo ripoff.

From Wally, and it never ends: The Scam of “Book Licensing”. Not great for what I like to write about: Nobody Wants to Buy the Future: Why Science Fiction Literature is Vanishing. This is ugly: We Need to Talk About Trader Joe’s. This is what it's come to in the world of conservatism: Louisiana HB 777 Would Criminalize Librarians and Libraries Who Join the American Library Association.

From Ken P., and Jack Welch is the anti-hero: The dismantling of GE, once America’s iconic ‘everything company,’ is now complete. Bizarre, and I wonder if additional studies will confirm this: Huge Study Confirms Viagra Cuts Alzheimer's Risk by Over 50%. This is an astonishing story: Suicide Mission: What Boeing did to all the guys who remember how to build a plane. This is promising: Pacemaker powered by light eliminates need for batteries and allows the heart to function more naturally − new research. Who knew? White House directs NASA to create time standard for the moon. This is both fascinating and deeply flawed: The new science of death: ‘There’s something happening in the brain that makes no sense’

From C. Lee, and it's an incredible story: Man pleads guilty to stealing former coworker’s identity for 30 years. Unbelievable: NYC’s AI chatbot was caught telling businesses to break the law. The city isn’t taking it down. One of my favorite phrases, and an interesting read: 10 Modern ‘Mechanical Turks’: When Automation Is Just Humans in Disguise. This is sad: The Supertalls Have Walled In Central Park: Even from deep inside the park, the supertalls are impossible to not see. This may be paywalled: These Are the 10 Hardest Math Problems Ever Solved. Almost disastrous, and a terrific read: What we know about the xz Utils backdoor that almost infected the world. Alarming: The Fescue Fighters: A toxic grass that threatens a quarter of U.S. cows is spreading. Can it be stopped? This is remarkable if confirmed: Depression tied to virus infection during infancy, researchers say Supplier gouging: How a viral $22 burrito explains inflation in the US. Interesting: Eating Like a Salmon Is Better Than Eating Actual Salmon, Study Finds

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