Monday, April 15, 2024

Photography Day

The photographer came today to take pictures of the house for the listing.

It took hours of work to get every room looking exactly right, and I can't say I enjoyed it, but I was happy to see the result. It's another step in leaving this house, and every step is in the right direction. It'll be a great day when I lock the door for the last time.

Sorting through what to keep is generally tedious now, but Eli 22.8 kept his hospital pass from the last time he saw his mom, and it always puts a lump in my throat. There were bits of joy, though, like Eli's team picture from one of his Bantam years in hockey. Every kid on the team has the tough guy scowl in the picture--except Eli. He has the biggest grin you've ever seen.

I hope it's always there, for his kids to see one day.

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