Wednesday, May 08, 2024

A Conversation

I talked to Eli 22.8 a few days ago, and he said interesting things.

In all the years he's been at school, he's never talked about life balance, mostly because he's always had it. He was able to achieve academically at a high level without sacrificing his social/physical life. He went out with friends and worked out and somehow achieved academically as well.

In the fall, though, he said he'd lost his balance and spent too much time grinding. Except for hockey, there were plenty of days he didn't even have time to work out. Now, he's running first thing in the morning, and doing some non-academic writing before starting his day. He's doing fewer social things, too, because he's found he enjoys peaceful time at home. 

He said he's come to understand that people who relentlessly chase academic achievements often do so because it frees them from having to make decisions. It enables you to defer learning about yourself, because there's no need to evaluate what you want. He said he was thinking more about how to balance achievement with gaining a greater understanding of himself, and what life will be like when he's not getting constant approval in a university setting.

I wish I knew any of these things when I was his age. Hell, I wish I knew them when I was 40. He's developed an ability to go through life experiences and reflection at a much earlier age than most. Even when he was Eli 10.0, he always seemed ahead of the game.

I'm glad. He'll avoid many of the things that blocked me in life. Nothing could make me happier.

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