Thursday, May 09, 2024

Friday Links!

The links have a bit of a downer vibe this week, instead of always looking on the bright side of life. All part of the ebb and flow, really.

A deep dive into Boeing, and what a mess: The surprise is not that Boeing lost commercial crew but that it finished at all

From C. Lee, and it's no big surprise: Lost opportunity: We could’ve started fighting climate change in 1971. This is far past alarming: How Far Trump Would Go. It's so hard to always be aware of something like this in real-time: Fake Job Interviews Trick Developers Into Installing Python Trojan. It sounds like a Seinfeld episode: The California man who hid for 6 months in a secret room inside Circuit City. This is extremely concerning: Cats suffer H5N1 brain infections, blindness, death after drinking raw milk. How is this not illegal? Switching Your Credit Card May Not Stop a Streaming Service's Recurring Charges. A missed opportunity: Aspirin Can Prevent a Deadly Pregnancy Complication. Why Aren’t Women Told? No, no, no, not for mushrooms: The AI grift that can literally poison you. A fascinating read: Renovation relic: Man finds hominin jawbone in parents’ travertine kitchen tile. We're all old: The BASIC programming language turns 60.

From Ken P., and it was inevitable (part of the enshittification of everything): Amazon is filled with garbage ebooks. Here’s how they get made. Incredible: Pay to stay: Florida inmates charged for prison cells long after incarceration. This will be a nightmare: Deepfakes in the courtroom: US judicial panel debates new AI evidence rules. Amazing: Centuries-old cherries found hidden in bottles under floor at George Washington’s home. An excellent read: Why do we move slower the older we get? New study delivers answers. The headline is absolutely true: How the Laws That Earth Day Inspired Have Benefited Us All. It just doesn't seem very useful compared to the Quest 3, with is 1/10 the price: Everyone Already Forgot About the Apple Vision Pro. Kombucha is wretched (to me), but this is interesting: Kombucha microbes break down fat stores like fasting – without the effort

From Wally, and it's worrisome: Korea: Korea May 2024 Update. A bizarre bit of WWII history: Scapa Flow: WWI Wreck Legacy & Recent Discoveries

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