Monday, May 13, 2024

Gods in the Sky

I received a text from Eli 22.9 early Friday evening:
Northern Lights in Oxford? Sure!

I knew there was a category 4 geomagnetic storm scheduled to arrive (it was later upgraded to category 5), but I had no idea anything would be visible in England. It was, though:

Allegedly, they were going to be visible in Michigan, but it's a running joke that you'll never see the sky if something cool is happening because it will always be cloudy. It was supposed to be cloudy on Friday night, too, but the clouds broke and I decided to go down to the library at 10:15, just in case. There's a deck behind the library, and it overlooks the lake, so it would be a perfect spot.

I didn't see much, at first, but then I remembered to look with my camera (which capture more light), and suddenly, I was seeing the Northern Lights for the first time:

I'd always heard how beautiful they were, but words in no way capture their beauty.  Here's one more:

Now I understand why people in ancient times thought there were gods in the sky. 

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