Thursday, May 02, 2024

Mom's Computer (part two)

A few last notes.

One, and it's quite a surprise, but the most difficult part of using the new computer for Mom 94.2 is the power switch. It's hidden, so your fingers have to feel for it, and it's recessed, but not to the point where it's easy to feel. I added a little foam nub to the button to make it stand out more, but it's still not simple for her to find. It's moved into a more central location on her desk now, though, so at least she can lean around and see it. For a system that seems to be designed so well, it's an annoying oversight.

Two, I found a feature in Gmail I didn't know existed. Icons are not always easy for Mom to interpret, especially when they're small, so I changed the top buttons on the Gmail toolbar to text. Now, instead of seeing a small trash can, she sees "Delete." It's much easier.

It's not easy to use a mouse or type when you're in your nineties. I didn't realize this until I watched her go through her daily routine. Arthritis and general wear and tear takes its toll. So go we all.

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