Tuesday, May 14, 2024

You Think You're Almost Out and Then You're Right Back In

The buyer pulled the offer on the house on Friday.

It was pulled because the inspector the buyer used filed a 60-page report about the condition of the house. From reading it, you'd think the house was going to explode or fall into Lake Michigan any second.

It certainly doesn't look like that.

So I brought in experts to address his most significant "findings": gas, foundation, electric, and roof.

The gas person and the foundation person have been here, so far. They were, by far, the most serious situations, according to the inspector.

Their conclusion: the inspector is wrong. Not wrong in some ways, or mostly wrong, but 100% wrong. "Should have known better" and "Good at noticing things, really bad at interpreting them" were two of their comments.

The original inspection (the one that sunk the offer) took four hours, and I showed up a few minutes before it was finished. I talked to the inspector before he left, and he certainly thought highly of himself. So highly that it was a bit embarrassing, at least to me. Not just pride, but arrogance, particularly about how much money his inspection company was making (incredibly, he told me).

So Inspector Ego is 0-2 so far. We'll see what the electrician and the roofer say tomorrow.

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