Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Your E-mail

Some of you e-mailed to ask how I came up with the name dubious quality for the blog.

Originally, the blog was going to be named quality. I was quite pleased with that. Unfortunately, Leonard Dubious and Stephanie Assham-Dubious refused to join the new site unless I included them, hence the name dubious quality. For a time I was negotiating with Admiral Dan Sinking as well, and had those negotiations concluded successfully, the blog would have been named dubious quality and sinking. The reason that didn't happen is that Admiral Sinking appears to no longer be in command of his faculties, as he thought he was applying for the head coaching position of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Also, A.N. Drogyny wrote: You mentioned defending a thesis on Kandinsky. How would Kandinsky feel about that? Sir or madam, I believe that would very much depend on where you were standing.

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