Monday, February 21, 2005

Max Powers

Eli 3.6 fell and scraped his elbow yesterday under suspicious circumstances.

He had turned his pedal car over on its side and was sitting on it, an unstable configuration that he'd been cautioned about before. One of his good friends, Lewis, was sitting on the car with him.

It's at this point that the facts get murky. Depending on which version of his story you listen to, they either tipped the car over together or Lewis pushed him.

After Eli's bath, I went up to his room. "Daddy, my elbow feels a yittle better," he said.

"Good," I said. "I bet it feels fine in the morning. How did you scrape that, anyway?"

He grimaced. "I tripped, that's all." For a split-second I thought my son had joined the mob and didn't want to rat out a rival family.

"You tripped?"

"I tripped, that's all," he repeated. "Let's move out, people!"

Thus continues Eli 3.6's tendency to speak only in Rescue Hero dialogue. If he's allowed to eat a cookie, the decision will be greeted with "Booyah! Victory is assured!" If I tell him he can't do something, I hear "I have to know when I'm not the go-to guy." If we're going somewhere and we're waiting for Gloria to get ready, he'll shout "No one gets left behind!" Since his middle name is Maxwell, he's been temporarily renamed Max Powers, and I expect his feet to grow to Rescue Hero-esque size 30 any day now.

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