Monday, March 28, 2005

Eli 3.7 Plus Unknown Kid Bonus Story

I found a couple of Eli 3.7 stories that I'd written down on various scraps of paper during the trip.

I planned on taking Eli to a Barnes and Nobles bookstore to look around while Gloria attended Neva's funeral on Monday morning. Eli liked hiding in the closet in our hotel room (the kind with the sliding mirrored doors), and he was in there while Gloria dried her hair. When she was done, she said in a stage voice "I don't see Eli. He must have already gone to Barnes and Nobles."

Eli 3.7 shouted "NO, I'M JUST HERE IN THE CLOSET."

After he came out, he saw Gloria and did a double-take. I don't think he's ever seen Gloria in panty hose before, and she was wearing black hose for the funeral. "Mommie, where are your legs?" he asked. After she stopped laughing, he started tapping her on the shin, moving upward, then shouted "HEY! I FOUND YOUR KNEE!"

This morning, Gloria and I went to observe at a pre-school that Eli might attend in the fall (I can't even believe I'm writing that). There was a little boy with a Beatles haircut who was eating a poppy seed muffin for a snack. He smiled at me, held out the muffin, pointed to the poppy seeds, and said "Hey! They look like bugs!"

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