Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Viewsonic Announces New LCD's

Over at Extreme Tech, they have some information on new Viewsonic LCD's:
Beginning in the second quarter, Viewsonic Corp. said it will ship a pair of LCD monitors with 4-millisecond response designed for high-performance gaming.

According to the Viewsonic web site, the company will ship two monitors: the 19-inch VX924, as well as the 17-inch VX724...Both monitors will ship in May and June, respectively... Viewsonic is quoting 4-ms gray-to-gray response times for the two new monitors, along with a 5-ms (typical) response time for other gradations.

4 milliseconds? I have no idea how they even did that, but it's amazing. Just over seventeen months ago, I was in heaven because 16ms response time LCD's had finally been introduced.

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