Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Batten Down the Baffled

Akella, official butchers of the lamentable Pirates of the Caribbean (popularly known as "Piece of Total Crap"), have announced their E3 lineup. The reason I mention this lineup is because they've apparently created a new boutique division called "The Worst Game Names in History." Take a look at these beauties, all scheduled for release in 2006:
Hard To Be God

Dead Mountaineer Hotel

Wow. Those names are a big pile of, well, smersh.

I'm just still bitter because POTC should have been a Game of the Year candidate instead of an alpha/drink coaster.

And in other news related to E3, I'm now seriously waffling on going. I had planned to attend to check out the new consoles, but there's no way I'll get a media credential this year. In years past, you could show up unaccredited, go to the media center, smile winningly, flash a little copy, and emerge with a badge. I am totally confident, however, that blogs will generate nothing but laughter and pointing. Sure, I'm used to that on a daily basis anyway, but it still won't get me a media pass.

There used to be a non-media "civilian" pass that you could just shell out some shekels for, but I don't see that on the E3 website, and it's possible they've removed that option due to the presumably heavy attendance this year.

In truth, the worst place to know what's actually happening at E3 is to be at E3. It's just too sprawling to grasp as one person. And the videos of presentations, etc., seem to be on the Web within days, so the actual incremental value of attending is low. It's fun, though, especially eccentric Kentia Hall, so I'm still looking at my options.

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