Monday, June 20, 2005

End of Quarter Releases

Traditionally, the end of fiscal quarter months (March and June for most gaming companies) give us some excellent releases. No matter how slow the first part of the year might be, the end of Q1 and Q2 can be counted on for some great games.

So what can PC gamers look forward to with the end of June approaching? Well, jack. And crap. Unless Battlefield 2 floats your battleship, you're out of luck. Here's what's coming out between now and the end of the month for PC:
--Bard's Tale: the console versions have a combined 77% ranking at, which is fair, based on my experience with the Xbox version.
--R.Y.L. Path of the Emperor: a repackaged version of a 64% game (again, per GR).
--Roller Coaster Tycoon 3: Soaked. Great. Number thirty-seven in a planned six hundred and forty-two expansions for RCT3.

I'm so old that I can actually remember when Roller Coaster Tycoon felt fresh.
--Fantastic Four: movie tie-in game. Almost zero buzz about this anywhere.
--Advent Rising: another "C" console game released for PC.

That is just HORRIBLE for an end-of-quarter. Yes, there's Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, which is one of the strangest combinations of fantastic and shitty that I've ever seen, but all-in-all it's an unbelievably weak lineup for June.

Xbox? Destroy All Humans, which would be a cute little game in any other year, has a chance to be a huge hit, because there's nothing else out there.

PS2? Squat.

Gamecube? You're kidding, right? Last release: 6/15. Next release: 7/11.

Strange. Very strange.

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