Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Mister Compliment

Eli 3.11 likes to make us happy.

We had barbecue for dinner last night (picked up from an excellent local restaurant). Eli had some smoked turkey on his plate, and it was delicious, but he just wouldn't touch it. Finally, Gloria started the negotiations. After several minutes of delicate bargaining, it was agreed that Gloria would microwave three chicken nuggets--if Eli would try his turkey.

Eli picked up a piece of turkey and pops it in his mouth.

"I'm glad you like it," Gloria said.
"IT'S TERRIFIC!" he shouted.
"Would you like to have some more turkey instead of chicken nuggets?" she asked.

Last week he was lying down with Gloria before his nap and he had his hand on her arm. He said "Mommy, your skin is so soft. It feels just like cement!"

Yesterday Gloria was sitting in the La-Z-Boy (now she's been outed) and mentioned that she had tried on a new lotion.

Eli walked over to check it out. He took this gigantic sniff and shouted "MOMMY! THAT SMELLS GREAT! YOU SMELL LIKE GREASE!"

"Better than cat pee, anyway," I said. You might remember that column.

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