Thursday, September 29, 2005

PS3 Notes

Sony had promised for months to have playable PS3 demos at the Tokyo Game Show, but that didn't happen. From
(, here's Sony's odd explanation:
Speaking to Famitsu magazine, Masatsuka Saeki said that Sony could have presented playable demos if wished. However, the decision was taken to use video footage only since TGS marked the first time the PS3 was being shown on Japanese soil.

He went on to explain that Sony wanted consumers to feel the same level of impact that those in the industry experienced on seeing the PS3 trailers at E3. Saeki did concede, however, that allowing visitors to actually play the games would have created more of a buzz.


Like I said, they're behind. Way behind. There are multiple rumors flying around that developers are unhappy with the development environment, the console is a complete bitch to program for, etc. That's not surprising--the PS2 was as well. In the long run, those things might not matter. What it can do, though, is impact both the cost of developing games as well as the completion schedule.

They won't miss the Japanese launch, because they can launch in Japan with unfinished games and people will still line up for miles to buy one, but that won't work nearly as well in the U.S. market. If they actually launch in the U.S. before Christmas next year, I'll be very surprised. And I would be shocked if they launch in Europe before 2007.

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