Thursday, October 27, 2005

King Kong

I saw an article over at the New York Times about Peter Jackson's King Kong
( --I'm not sure that link will work, what with registration required, etc.).

Here's the short version: it's the long version. The movie is going to be three hours long, and it's roughly 60 million over budget.

Now let me get this straight. This is a movie about an imaginary gorilla. Sure, it's a big-ass gorilla, but it's still an imaginary gorilla. It's a movie about an imaginary gorilla and it's three hours long.

Listen, Peter, I know you're a genius and all that shit, but do you think you might be pushing the envelope a bit when you head into the entirely uncharted territory of the three hour gorilla epic? Orson Welles told the story of Charles Foster Kane in 119 minutes. We need another full hour for a gorilla?

I don't know, my man. That's a lot of damn bananas.

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