Monday, November 28, 2005

Your Links

Here are some excellent links that you guys sent in last week.

From DQ reader Chris Gwynn, a link to a classic essay by Ken Thompson called "Reflections on Trusting Trust." Here's Chris's description:
Thompson was being awarded the ACM Turing Award for inventing UNIX (among other things). The recipient delivers a lecture after receiving the prize, and Thompson's was a little unusual.

If you've ever wondered where viruses/worms/whatever come from, and why they're hard to avoid, it's worth reading. It should be understandable by non-technical people. Keep in mind that this was in 1984, before PC computer viruses and the Morris worm.

Here's the link:

Then, from Randy Graham, a link to a Popular Science article about colored soap bubbles. It's titled "The 11-Year Quest to Create Disappearing Colored Bubbles," and it's a fascinating article. It sounds like a trivial subject, but the process of invention was remarkable and the possible uses for temporary die are just staggering. Here's the link:

From DQ reaer Matthew O'Brien, a link to an amazing article titled "The Physics of Goo." It seems that a professor has actually conducted experiments with thickening water, and it won him the Ig Nobel Prize for Chemistry.

That "Ig" in front is important.

Here's the link:

Finally, from Michael Martin, a link to a story about an Everest expedition that will be wearing the same kind of clothing worn by George Mallory in 1924 during his ill-fated attempt on the summit. Crazy? Yes, but some interesting reasons as to why they're doing it. Here's the link:

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