Friday, December 16, 2005

Living the Writing Dream

MSNBC headline writer Ernie Kovacs strikes again
You’ve Got Mail, and Maybe Gonorrhea
Free e-cards inform sex partners they may have an STD


Here's an excerpt:
LOS ANGELES - You’ve got mail — and possibly gonorrhea, HIV or another sexually transmitted disease.

E-mail sent through Web sites launched in Los Angeles and San Francisco is providing people with a free, sometimes anonymous, way to tell their casual sex partners they might have picked up more than they bargained for.

...The site allows users to choose one of six free e-cards to send to their sexual contacts either unsigned or with a personal message that avoids awkward face-to-face disclosure.

“It’s not what you bought to the party, it’s what you left with,” says one e-card featuring a picture of a bare-chested man. “I left with an STD. You might have one too. Get checked out soon.”

Now there's a dream job for a writer--the Hallmark of Herpes.

I have a few suggestions for future e-cards.

You said you put the sizzle in the steak. I had no idea.

[Communist reader content alert]
It rhymes with North Korea.

Paris is burning. Wait--that's not Paris.

I see England
I see France
I see your underpants
So I gave you syphilis

I'm sure we're not done with this yet.

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