Monday, January 23, 2006

The Cure For Monday Blues

If you're having a bad Monday, I've found your cure.

I was waiting to pick up a to-go-order from a local restaurant, and while I was waiting I noticed that one of their televisions was using closed captioning.

For a soap opera.

It only took about thirty seconds for me to decide that soap opera closed captioning is one of life's greatest pleasures.

The scene? Two people (Nick and someone I'll call Brandy) after having sex in a barn, as far as I could tell. They've had a roll in the hay, literally, and now they're laying next to each in post-coital bliss. Here's what I saw unrolling on the monitor:

Brandy: I'm just thinking that we did this again.

Nick: Yeah.

Brandy: Which means it's more than once.

Nick: Yeah.

Brandy: It's just that--it's just that twice makes it more complicated than once.

All I can say to that is--yeah.

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