Monday, January 30, 2006

Gaming Links

First, the website for The Guild 2 is now up. The Guild was enormously buggy yet enormously entertaining, and I hope they can resolve the quality control issues that plagued the first release. Here's the link:

Here also is a link to some remarkably attractive screenshots:

From Kotaku, a Google Map application--of Azeroth, believe it or not. Some of the data sets have been disabled because the site's been getting hammered, but it's an amazing piece of work. Here's the link:

Here's a link from DQ reader jwojtas to a BBC survey of gamers and their habits. Surprise, it's not all men. Duh. We talked about that back in May last year. Here's an excerpt from Boing Boing, where the story originally appeared:
Contrary to popular belief, the gender split between gamers is fairly even across all age groups. Although female gamers never overtake their male counterpart, the figures are particularly even in the youngest and oldest gaming groups. Between the ages of 16-35 the ratio of males to females is slightly higher, but the stereotype of a large gender gap in gamers - in any age group - is untrue.

Of course, people who don't want to believe this will ignore the data, because being stupid gets them high.

Here's a link to the full report:

Finally, as it turns out, Heroes of Might and Magic V has been delayed by Ubisoft. Mission accomplished, although I'm sure they'll never admit that's why they did it.

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