Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Academy (Of Rock)

There's a local franchise here called Academy Sports & Outdoors. Here's a description of the merchandise they carry from their website:
Hunting, camping, and fishing gear; also footwear, sporting goods, and apparel.

Just about everything, in other words. They also carry those big backyard "play systems," kind of the low-budget version of Rainbow. "Play systems" are kind of a catch-all phrase for an all-in-one unit that usually includes a wooden frame, a swingset, slide, climbing ladder, and a little clubhouse or something. We have to cut down a big pine tree in our backyard because it has some kind of rot, and it's going to open up some space back there, so we're thinking about using that area for a play system.

We looked at all the play equipment, then Gloria went to the bathroom and I wandered off (the store is huge). She came back holding some shirts. "What do you think?" she asked, holding up a long-sleeved shirt that had nice colors and looked like it could have come from one of her regular shopping locations.


"It has OUTLAWS written across the front, outlined in sequins," I said. "Are you buying some fishing pants with that?"

"Come on," she said. "It's cute!"

"They sell bait here," I said. "I know you. You don't buy clothes in a store that sells bait."

I would, mind you. Most of my clothes shopping is done via magazine subscription bonuses. But she wouldn't.

And she didn't. But I went by there today and bought it for her as a trophy for finishing Guitar Hero on Medium. It's the perfect rock goddess shirt.

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