Monday, February 27, 2006

When Just Say No Isn't Enough

JERUSALEM - Staff at Jerusalem Zoo have introduced birth control in a bid to curb a giraffe population boom.

The number of giraffes has tripled to nine in recent years, outgrowing the zoo on the edge of the city, according to officials and a 5-year-old female has been mostly to blame.

The most fertile female, Shavit, has now been injected with birth control hormones, delivered by dart, after giving birth twice in four years.

...“What we are using is actually a hormonal implant that we inject into the female. The hormonal activity changes and she is not supposed to be in heat," said Noam Warner of the zoo.

...“It is a very short thing, almost no foreplay,” explained Warner, seemingly trying to soften the blow to the giraffes' personal life. “So, I don’t think they miss too much when they are not doing it.”

Almost no foreplay--well, that's a relief. I'd feel really bad if she was missing out on some, uh, giraffalingus.

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