Friday, April 21, 2006

The World of Eli 4.8

Eli 4.8 told Gloria this week that he didn’t like women with bent hair.

The dishwasher stopped working on Monday night, and I was fiddling with it and discussing it with Gloria when Eli walked up. He listened for a few seconds, then said “Well, according to my fascinations, here’s what’s happening. Water from the top is bouncing off near the soap and vibrinating.”

I talked to Eli about teamwork yesterday. I told him that because Gloria was sick, we both needed to help out more. He took the discussion very seriously, and when we were done, he said “We need a minotaur on the team. We need a minotaur in this family. So tomorrow I’ll need to wear a tail and I have to have an axe.”

I vaguely know where that came from, but believe me, sometimes you’re better off not knowing.

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