Thursday, June 22, 2006

Armadillo Run

Alex Corvino sent me a link to a game that I'd been wanting to try for weeks, and his e-mail nudged me into giving it a try.

It's called Armadillo Run. Here's a description from the website:
Armadillo Run is a physics-based puzzle game. You have to build structures with the purpose of getting an armadillo to a certain point in space. There is a selection of building materials, each with different properties, which can be combined to form almost anything. The realistic physics simulation gives you the freedom to solve each level in many different ways.

That's not space as in "outer space," by the way, but an exit area. And the armadillo has curled itself up into a ball for rolling purposes.

Is it as good as it sounds like it could be? Yes. It's absolutely fantastic. It's wonderfully imaginative, and it's both terribly simple and incredibly complex. I know this sounds odd, but it's very Zen, because when you play you are totally, unbelievably immersed in the moment.

Oh, and the full game is 1.6MB, believe it or not. It's easily one of the top ten games released this year, and it almost fits on a floppy.

It's an excellent game to sit down and play for five or ten minutes. There's a detailed tutorial that explains the game extremely well. And there's a demo. In short, it does everything right.

If you want to try this out, and you'll love it, just go here. And forget about getting any work done for the rest of the day.

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