Monday, July 31, 2006

E3 and EA

Irony is so delicious:
A senior industry source has told that next year's E3 expo is in jeopardy because publishing giant Electronic Arts has taken a stand over rising event costs.

That was from, here.

EA qualified as one of the top three assholes at E3 every single year. They always insisted on having some kind of giant screen (and I mean GIANT) display with a loop of their games running. And along with the giant display, the sound level was absolutely overwhelming. In 2005, it was so bad that it was embarrassing--every booth with fifty yards of EA (at a minimum), was totally overwhelmed. They epitomized what was wrong with the event.

This year, I brought earplugs specifically for the EA area. It was the only time I needed them during the entire show.

To their credit, they set up their booth as an enclosed theater-in-the-round this year, and the noise didn't extend beyond much beyond their area. But unless you had earplugs, it was impossible to stand inside and actually look at the games.

So if this report at is true, EA was responsible for both ruining the show environment on a yearly basis and then killing the show entirely.

Note to EA: that didn't solve any of your problems. They're all still there.

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