Wednesday, July 26, 2006

NCAA 2007 Sliders (360): Punting

The final settings for the Punting Power slider: 45 CPU, 5 Human.

Here's the data. I didn't even bother with the default settings, just adjusted until CPU/Human were balanced and captured data then.

The worst punters in the game have 82 ratings for kicking power. The best punter in the game has a 94. Here's the data using the adjusted slider settings:

KP, CPU,...... HUM

The numbers for the CPU are a range--punting distances are less consistent than field goals. The human results are the max punting distance with the meter filled up. I thought there was less variance with the human player when the meter was maxed, so I just put a single distance instead of a range.

Those distances might be slightly low compared to real NCAA numbers. Punters who hit the coffin corner or just punt into the end zone aren't going to get their regular full punting distance when averages are calculated, and I saw some active punting career leaders averaging 45 yards a kick. Still, it's close, and if you want to adjust it upwards, it's easy to do.

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