Thursday, August 03, 2006

Phil Harrison Makes Stuff Up To Please Us

I really try to avoid commenting on these stories. Really, I do.

From Next Gen:
Sony worldwide studios head Phil Harrison states that PS3 game development is “in full swing,” as game developers now possess the final PS3 hardware, motion-sensing controller and Blu-ray burners.

Harrison told the
Guardian, "It's all going well. We are in full swing, from a developer point of view, and over 10,000 development kits have been shipped."...

Harrison reiterated that despite the negativity surrounding the pricey console, Sony still has the support of top third parties, with plenty of games in the pipeline.

"We have shown more playable games than ever before, so the signs are good, and right now there are more than 100 Blu-ray movies available today, in the US. More than 100 games are in development, and all the major third-party publishers have pledged their strategic support for the platform."

Well, that sounds pretty good. I didn't even know that a hundred movies were available on Blu-Ray right now.

Oh, wait--I didn't know it because it's bullshit. It's only true in Sony Fantasy Land, where $600 for a game machine is a bargain and all ponies go to heaven.

[note: when I originally wrote this last week, the price I used in the paragraph above was $700. It was intended as a joke, and since it was included in a sentence with the phrase "all ponies go to heaven," I thought it was obvious. A reader e-mailed and correctly pointed out that it's close enough to the real price to make people think it was a mistake. Like that would be a surprise to anyone who reads this regularly. So it's been changed.]

Here's the problem: why should anyone believe anything Harrison is saying when he is outright lying about how many Blu-Ray movies are available? Because he is--it's nothing less than a flat-out lie. There are twenty-four movies available for Blu-Ray right now. And there are thirty more scheduled for release between now and October 17.

Here's the complete list, if you're curious.

In other words, on October 17, there will be roughly half of the movies available on Blu-Ray that Harrison is claiming are available today. It's highly unlikely that there will be a hundred Blu-Ray titles available until sometime next year. It's a lie to such a bald-faced degree that I almost admire him--if reality doesn't suit you, then make something up, and as long as you're making something up, go big.

So when he says that there are a hundred games are in development, does he mean that like a hundred Blu-Ray movies are available now? And even if that's true (which is highly unlikely), does that mean they sent out ten thousand dev kits and only have a hundred games in the pipeline?

See, this is what happens when you start lying. One lie has to be coordinated with another lie, and before long it's just a big mess.

It's the Yamato, I'm telling you.

Maybe Sony will somehow survive this through some kind of miraculous sleight-of-hand, but every sign right now points to complete and total disaster.

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