Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Madden: Quality is Our New Focus

I mentioned the spectacular bug in the PS2 and Xbox versions of Madden 2007 in Europe where a quarterback in Superstar mode will turn and pass the ball in the wrong direction. DQ reader Shawn Mallen let me know today that Bill Simmons, ESPN columnist and generally very funny guy, actually wrote about the bug in a recent column:
I'll leave you with this: Apparently the European version of "Madden" has a glitch where, if you're playing in superstar mode and not controlling the QB, he'll throw the football backward on every play. I mention this not because it's a funny YouTube clip, but because the person who posted that YouTube clip called it, "the Aaron Brooks glitch." In other words, they decided to name the glitch after the real-life QB who's most likely to throw the ball 35 yards backward during a game.

And believe it or not, here's the video clip where the real Aaron Brooks does just that (he really only throws it backwards 20 yards, but that's good enough for me--thanks to Shawn for that link as well).

Seriously, EA talked about their new commitment to quality and making better games about six months ago. That really seems to be paying off.

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