Thursday, October 19, 2006

Shaken in the Girl

Nate Carpenter sent in a link to a steampunk laptop, and it's a beauty. It's a hybrid of a laptop computer and a manual typewriter, faux-rusted, and it's a true work of art. Fully functioning, too. Look at the pictures here.

Oh, and Nate also attached a link to the Babelfish translation of the page (which I believe is Japanese, although I'm not sure). Babelfish is one of the greatest pieces of software ever--not because it translates web pages, which is totally cool, but because of how it frequently butchers the translation, which is even better.

Given how difficult some of these languages and characters must be to identify and translate, I know that's inevitable, but it's still really funny.

Here are two samples:
Rather than with saying, after the Mack producing the feeling which was shaken in the girl, appeared in style.


The latest foppery equipment.
When the bell is sounded, the Enter key.

"producing the feeling which was shaken in the girl" is more than translation--it's poetry. And "Shaken in the Girl" is a great GH2 band name.

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