Tuesday, November 14, 2006

And Here's One to Watch Out For

One of the difficult aspects of these console launches is sorting out reliable information from, um, the other type.

Some site called "Compete" published a story this morning that's being picked up everywhere, and here's what people are quoting:
...almost half (48%) of those considering a PS3 expect it to cost less than $300—equivalent to the original price of a PS2. When told of the PS3’s actual retail price, 73% of all gamers and 59% of those considering a PS3 thought it was overpriced.

...39% of GameCube owners are considering a Wii purchase while 40% are considering a PS3. PlayStation loyalty is considerably higher with 63% of PS2 owners considering a PS3.

How many people were sampled? No one knows? Were these phone interviews? Clicking on a website survey? No one knows. So there's absolutely no way to know if the methodology used to generate these numbers was statistically sound.

Without that information, these numbers don't really mean anything. Very dramatic, though.

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