Monday, December 11, 2006

Stumbling Around

I went into the bios and checked the power supply voltages. I have only a bare understanding of how this works, but here are two readings I saw:
VIN1, which fluctuated between 11.79-11.85 volts
VIN2, which fluctuated between -11.21- 12.77 volts

I don't think that VIN2 reading is supposed to be negative (who knows), but I do know that cycling from 11.21v to 12.77v is very bad. I'm wondering if I might actually have a power supply issue here, which would also explain the occasional rebooting. So in half an hour or so I may be off to Fry's to buy a new power supply.

In the interim, if what I said makes no sense (and specifically, no sense this time), please let me know. Thanks.

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