Wednesday, January 24, 2007

It's Much Harder To Argue With Yourself

Eli 5.5 saw his friend Anna over the weekend. Anna's mother is Kathleen. On the way home, Eli said "I get confused between Kathleen and--um--what's the name of the lady who owns Lewis and Carmen?"

Last night he came to get me after his bath. He was finished much sooner than usual, and I told him that he must have been really fast. "Oh, yeah," he said. "I bathed myself. It's faster because it's much harder to argue with yourself."

Today I picked Eli up for lunch and we went to Dart Bowl. Dart Bowl has been an Austin institution for a long time--so long that I can't remember when it wasn't open. It's an old-school bowling alley with an old-school restaurant inside. And that restaurant--the Dart Steakhouse--makes some lengendary cheese enchiladas with chili sauce, believe it or not.

It's relaxing at Dart Bowl, at least in the early afternoon, because very few people are bowling (the restaurant is jam-packed for lunch, though). And after playing Wii bowling extensively in the last two months, I was looking forward to seeing how real bowling compared.

Surprisingly, it felt almost identical. The only slight difference was that I thought my arm was going to pull out of the socket when I threw the ball. Oh, and throwing a hook with an eight ounce remote transferring to throwing a hook with a boat anchor? Not so much.

The enchiladas, though, were delicious.

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