Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Gaming Links

They've piled up, and they're all interesting, including links to the several issues of The Escapist. Actually, this is kind of the Escapist tribute post.

Matthew Sakey's excellent Culture Clash column has a new installment, and you can read it here. In the column, he uses the word "nomenclatorial," and, much to my surprise, it is not a lesbian sex manual.

Dave Kramer made a video--"Ye Olde Pickup Lines of Oblivion." Very clever, and you can see it here.

Sirius sent me a link to an article by Spiderweb Software's Jeff Vogel titled "Why I Hate Fantasy RPG's." Thought provoking and funny, you can read it here.

Kieron Gillen has an article in issue 81 of The Escapist titled "The Sincerest Form of Imitation." It's a list of films that the gaming industry has "borrowed" from on a regular basis. Read it here.

In issue 82 of The Escapist, Troy Goodfellow has an article about A Force More Powerful titled "Gaming For Change: How One Non-Profit Wants to Change the World." I wrote about A Force More Powerful last year, and it was a thoughtful, thought-provoking game. In the gaming sense, it was (in a loosely comparative sense) the non-ruined version of Republic: The Revolution. In a political sense, it was a pretty fascinating primer on civil disobedience as a means of social change. All in all, it was well worth experiencing, and so is the article, which you can read here.

Also in issue 82, the prolific Allen Varney has an excellent article about prediction markets, and it's here. And in issue 84, has a totally fascinating article about Dunbar's Number. Dunbar's Number (for humans, 150) is (theoretically) the largest group size a species will form, which Dunbar believes is based on the size of the neocortex. You can read about it here.

Finally, Russ Pitts has a terrific article about Armadillo Run in issue 83 titled "Free Fall: Running With Armadillos," and you can read it here.

I know that The Escapist puts out a ton of content, and sometimes it misses, but I've read more interesting articles in The Escapist over the last year than in every other gaming print magazine combined.

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