Monday, April 23, 2007

Top 25 Cinematics

Gamespy has an outstanding feature this morning titled "Top 25 Video Game Cinematic Moments." What makes it so good is that you can actually watch each scene.

Of particular note for us old guys: #2 is the opening cinematic from Mechwarrior 2.

I still remember that opening scene, even though the game came out in 1995. It was the pack-in game with the first 3D accelerator card (Voodoo 1 by 3DFX, which came out in 1996), and it was mind-blowing.

Those of you who aren't from the Stone Age of computing don't know this, but the Voodoo card didn't have 2D capability--you still needed your "regular" graphics card (which had 2D but no 3D) in the system as well. The graphics with the Voodoo, though, were absolutely shocking for its time.

My 2D card in that system? The STB Lightspeed 128, of course.

Take a stroll down memory lane here. Like I said, all the cinematics can be viewed, which should make for a well-wasted morning.

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