Monday, June 18, 2007

Rock Band

Here's some Rock Band information that I haven't seen mentioned anywhere else.

Today, EB Games changed the release date of Rock Band from 11/1 to 11/20.

If you're familiar with how EB's upcoming release schedule works, you know that if a game is scheduled as coming out on the first or last day of the month, it's probably just a placeholder and not an official release date.

That means that 11/20 looks like a real release date. Also looking very real is what you see on the order page:
Pre-order Rock Band by November 19th at 11am CST with overnight shipping and get guaranteed street date delivery! If your product does not arrive on the street date, we will credit your order for the full shipping amount! Continental United States only. Must have Overnight Service available in your area. Offer void if you are unable to accept a delivery that was attempted. Not responsible for orders delayed due to incorrect address, credit card information or inclement weather.

Yes, they're clearly covering their ass in case the game gets delayed, but 11/20 looks like the first solid release date we've seen.

So what's all this going to cost us? Again, these prices look like the real deal:
Rock Band (game only)--$59.99
Rock Band Drum Set--$79.99
Rock Band Microphone--$29.99
Rock Band Wireless Fender Guitar Controller--$79.99
Rock Band Bundle (I assume this is all three controllers plus the game)--$199.99

EA may immediately come out and deny that these are the final prices, but that doesn't mean much. These prices seem internally consistent and I believe they're correct.

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