Thursday, September 27, 2007

And Here's What Was Going On

So what happened was that when I wrote all the episodes to a DVD-RW, iTunes asked me if I wanted to write a data disc, because I had specified audio disc as my preference. Not knowing a damn thing about anything, I said "yes."

As it turns out, iTunes can't import anything on a data disc, even if it's an iTunes file, because the format must change somehow when they write it as a data disc. Oh, and thanks very much, it also changed my burning preference in the program to data disc instead of audio, even thought the DVD was a one-time deal.

Then, when I tried to burn a CD again, it was still burning a data disc, not an audio one. So when I tried to import it, the same issue prevented it from working.

How this import feature could fail with zero information about what went wrong is beyond me, but once I changed my burning preferences back to audio disc, it did successfully write an episode to CD, then import it back as an MP3.

What's crazy is that a lot of people would never even be able to find where those burning and importing preferences are listed--they're in a sub-tab of the "Advanced" tab off the "Preferences" menu. And with no error messages, there's no way for them to know what to do.

Good grief!

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