Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Eli 6.2: Kinda Kinda

We had a foggy day in the morning a few Saturdays ago, and as we were walking to the car Eli said "I love days like this because it's easier to sneak up on people."

We went to Chuy's last week to eat, and during dinner a waiter dropped a plate, which shattered. Eli asked me how often that happened, and I said every day. He didn't agree, and we had a spirited discussion, and finally he said "DUDE! These are TRAINED PROFESSIONALS!"

Eli's been doing magic tricks (with his monthly kit from the magic club), and yesterday he was doing a trick for us on the kitchen table. The trick involved cards, and during his prestidigitation he dropped one of the cards and it went under the table. He reached down to retrieve it, then banged his head on the table as he came back up. "OW! Okay, that is NOT part of the trick," he said.

Last Thursday night, before he went to bed, Eli told me that we could never go to the Himalayas. I asked him why, and he said it was because there might be a Yeti there. I told him that was incredibly unlikely, and even if there was one, it was even more unlikely that we'd ever see it. He said "I DON'T WANT TO TAKE THAT CHANCE!"

We had a "behavior chart" for Eli for a few weeks. Since he and Gloria had, um, "conflict" during bath time, we made the chart and he got a star every time there were no problems. Once that went smoothly for a while, we stopped the chart, but he decided to create his own. "I get a star if I'm good," he said, "and I can get TWO STARS if I decide I'm really good, and I can get a HALF star if I'm kinda kinda."

Eli's been writing notes for the last few days and taping them all over the house. There's a full set on our bathroom mirror, all talking about how he loves his Mom. So it's nice walkind around the house, seeing all these little notes that he's written. Last night, as I walked up the stairs to go to bed, I saw this one:

It says "nice picture of me."

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