Monday, January 14, 2008

Gaming Links

I would normally not follow up a Friday links post with a gaming links post, but they're piling up, so here we go.

First off, Wired's Game Life blog has an article titled Rock Band Feature: Harmonix's Top Tips For Drummers. There is some excellent information to be found, although it will not help you pass "Run To The Hills" on Hard (and by "you" I mean "me"). In the same vein, from Dave Kramer of Busy Gamer, here's a Rock Band tips and tricks article.

After thinking about it for far too long, I think I finally understand why Rock Band is so different, and I'll tell you about it later this week.

From Juan Font, and it's another drumming-related link, a video of the winner's snare drum solo at the 2004 Drum Corps International Championships. His name is Ivan Pacheco, and it's an incredible performance.

Mathew Sakey's always-excellent Culture Clash has a new installment titled Talking With Transistors: the dialogue problem, and it discusses dialogue in games.

From Kotaku, a fantastic set of pictures of developers and their desks. It's called Work And play: A Peek Inside The Lives Of Gaming's Greatest. He has photos of almost everyone, and it's fascinating to compare neatnik vs. slob and the games they've developed.

Finally, From the Shack Blog (thanks N'Gai Croal of Level Up), a story about actual e-mails received from Customer Service at Valve. They're classic, and it's a great reminder of how old-school Valve really is compared to the corporate monoliths that seem to dominate gaming these days.

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