Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Gaming Links

Man, they're piling up, so here's a slew for you.

Hmm, looking over this list, it's a few chuffs short of a slew. Or so they say in, um, somewhere.

John Harris wrote a very interesting piece over at Gamasutra titled Game Design Essentials: 20 Mysterious Games. Lots of old-school goodness.

Edwin sent me a link to Portal: A Day In The Life Of A Turret, and while the language is NSFW, it's frequently hilarious.

Also in the Valve satire world, David Gloier sent me a link to Gordan Freeman Calls Coast To Coast AM, which is a wonderful, clever, funny spoof.

Sam Kennedy wrote a lengthy post at 1UP titled GameSpot's Sad State of Affairs, and regardless of the competitive situation he's in with GameSpot, I think he presents more details about what happened to GameSpot in the last eighteen months than anyone else.

Here's a nicely nostalgic bit of writing about one man's experience with a lifetime of gaming consoles. Part one is titled A Very Weird and Blocky Future. Thanks to Nate Carpenter for the link.

JJ Hendricks has a site devoted to used video game prices, and it's quite interesting--there's information on individual games, games by publisher, even hardware prices. It's very intersting to just poke around the site and look at all the available information. The site is Video Game Price Charts.

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